Find out What some of the People Who have Tried Slimex Say about the Pill

“I took Slimex as an aid to curb my appetite and lose weight. It did somewhat work, for the most part, I think, because I noticed that I was sticking to portion control a lot better than I had been most of the time before I took it. I never had complications with it, but I was only slightly overweight frankly speaking.”



“I took Slimex 15mg 2 years ago and it really helped me getting into a healthier eating mindset at the time. I also have a friend of mine who took it and was quite content with the results. The pill definitely works.”



“I must admit I got prescribed sibutramine after the first reports about heart disease were revealed, so I almost considered not following my doctor’s orders at the time. I'm glad I did though, because it really helped me in the first months of my diet. I have since reached my ideal weight and stopped taking it, but I think this medication was instrumental to my success.”



“I'm still taking sibutramine because I find it hard to avoid the feeling of hunger otherwise, and I usually tend to give into it if I’m not on the 15mg pill. My doctor had mild concerns about my blood pressure, told me to monitor it twice a day. But it seems ok so far.”



“I took the pills for a while and it seemed to work, but not enough to make a big difference for me (I’m seriously overweight). I asked my doctor to change the treatment because it didn’t seem worth the risk given that I had a history of heart disease in my family.”



“I didn’t see results right away when I started taking Slimex 15 back in the day. In fact, I almost gave up on it before a consultant explained to me that I should take it in the afternoon in order to stop major cravings. That was probably one of the best pieces of advice I ever got because I did lose a fair bit of weight afterwards.”



“I took a very small dose of this before my wedding to ease nervous cravings and lose a couple pounds. Not sure if it was this medication or something else entirely, to be honest, but I managed to fit in my wedding dress perfectly and that’s what mattered at the end of the journey.”



“My doctor suggested that I should try Slimex 15mg after I'd been trying to lose weight for months with no results at all. I had a couple scares when my blood pressure spiked during the early days, but I hoped this side effect would go away. Unfortunately, my doctor told me to stop taking the medication, said it didn’t fit me because of my body response. At the moment, I’m still looking for something else that works.”



“I was on the old Slimex 15mg for a while before it got banned, and l was losing weight like I wanted to. My doctor has recently put me on the new version, it’s ok but the cravings don’t seem to go away as effectively as I remember with the old version. It’s really a shame that they banned the original, in my opinion.”



“10 months ago I was diagnosed with obesity. I was put on a strict diet and started taking Slimex 15 about two weeks later. To put it briefly, now I'm still a bit overweight but not obese already. I think I wouldn't have sustained my strict eating regime without Slimex.”



“I’ve heard all kinds of horror stories about diet pills, but I’ve never been a part of one myself. I was really large when I started taking Slimex and, while I’m still far away from me ideal weight, I do feel like the drug helps me keep my diet in check. I still take it to this day, and I can say it works for me, even if I have a bit of a harder time getting my hands on it currently. My doctor supports my decision to continue the treatment, just says to keep an eye on blood pressure and any possible side effects. But there haven’t been any so far.”